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Wallphy App De-Mystifies Crypto Token Trading

TRDAM | via PR Newswire | Wallphy App De-Mystifies Crypto Token Trading | CHICAGO — Wallphy is a new software application that was developed and published by Walletography, LLC (www.wallphy.io). Wallphy is designed to assist investors in analyzing the trading and ownership hits of micro-cap cryptocurrency tokens.

Wallphy takes the huge amounts of data contained in the blockchain and condenses them into patterns that indicate various types of manipulation, such as “pump-and-dumps” and “rug pulls.”
The term “walletography,” which refers to the practice of charting blockchain wallets, is shortened to “wallphy.”

One of the most important advantages of decentralized finance is that the data for every transaction is made available to the public.

Wallphy DYOR2
Wallphy = Do Your Own Research… Squared!

The disadvantage of having access to so much data is that it might be overwhelming for the typical user.

Con artists are able to blend in with the crowd much more readily if they disperse their holdings across a large number of wallets and carry out coordinated “pump and dumps.”
Investigating a token formerly required the use of a large spreadsheet and a significant amount of time spent doing mathematical operations.
You had already missed the opportunity to benefit from possessing the information because you had finished your study after the window had closed.
Wallphy gives its users the ability to rapidly observe trends in trading coordination and wallet associations for every micro-cap token that is traded on the Ethereum network.
Even better, communication and collaboration among its members generates true decentralized intelligence that can develop in such a way as to stay one step ahead of even the most cunning of malicious actors.

It is a legitimate Web3 solution to a problem that exists on the Web3.

Wallphy Membership Token

To maintain continuity with this Web3 philosophy, access to the Wallphy app can only be gained by members who possess the Wallphy Token. The Wallphy Token is an Ethereum-based token that can be traded using Uniswap.

As a result, rather than just attracting speculators or data miners, this helps to cultivate a community of actively engaged individual users.
The higher your level of ownership, the more features and functionality you’ll gain access to.